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The Daily Lion

400 meditations on success, mindset and the art of being a lion.

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“The Daily Lion is my go-to source for motivation and inspiration. Reading just one passage from this book as a part of your morning routine will prime you and put you in the right mindset to crush your day!”

Michael Carbone

Founder of

"Your life is nothing but a reflection of your thoughts. Become The Lion’s book contains 400 powerful thoughts and quotes that can transform your life. Buy this book today. Read it, live it, and become the lion you were always meant to be."


The King of High-Ticket Sales
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“It’s funny how just a few words strung together can motivate you to take on the world. I basically live my entire life by memes and quotes. This book is full of the best quotes ever quoted (you can quote that)”


Founder of

“Who you become on your journey is far more important than what you achieve and Daily Lion is a book that will inspire you on your journey to achieving your dreams”


Author of Wealth Can’t Wait

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